Signature Treatments

Skinfiltration – 75 mins - $119 - This penetrating facial combines a chemical peel with high-tech facial treatment technology and ultrasonic technology to exfoliate, oxygenate and rejuvenate.  The skin will be more radiant, hydrated and fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed. The best part is there is no down time.  (Minimal extractions.)

Skinfamous - 60 min - $79 – Ages 19 and under for acne, oily or problematic skin.  Skin is cleansed and chemically exfoliated.  Extractions are performed.  Skin is balanced and followed by a corrective mask application. The complimenting serum is manipulated into your skin and sealed in with the proper moisturizer and sunscreen.  (*Homecare is essential to maintain results.*) To enhance the results of this service, you can add LED light therapy for $20.

Face - $89 (Adults) - 50mins  Back - $109 - 50mins  Derrier - $69 - 30mins

Skinfusion - 60 mins - $125 - This deeply penetrating facial restores your skin’s vitality by introducing oxygen, vitamins, and antioxidant serums into your skin.  Texture, pigment and sensitive skin conditions (i.e. rosacea, psoriasis, eczema) are improved as your skin’s cellular environment is balanced and metabolism is energized. (*Though a single service yields remarkable, immediate results, the best possible outcome is produced when done in a series.  The recommendation is twice a week for 3-6 weeks.)

Skintercourse - 50 mins - $179 - Share the experience and a glass of wine. Our couples facials include your choice of a 50-minute Classic Service in our side-by-side spa rooms designed for maximum relaxation. In addition to Aromatherapy, you’ll be pampered with cool cucumbers on your eyes and soothing honey for your lips. Not only will you leave relaxed, you’ll leave with a glow.

Womens Skintuition – 50 mins - $69 - Commonly known as a “Vagacial”, this facial for a woman’s most Skintimate area removes dead skin cells, treats ingrown hairs, smoothes the bikini line and targets hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Steam, hot towels and an appropriate mask will be used during this service.  (Extractions included.)  Though this service can be completed as a stand alone, best results are yielded when performed post wax. * Add a Brazilian for $30 OR a Bikini for $15.

Classic Treatments

Skinterlude - 25 mins - $49 – A facial expressly designed as a reset to be used any time during your day.  This quick, yet highly personalized treatment will cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize and protect your skin in just under 30 minutes leaving you feeling rejuvenated.  (No extractions.)

Skinterview – 50 mins - $89 - Beginning with a comprehensive skin analysis, this facial is customized to fit your skin type and specific needs to deep cleanse and exfoliate.  A hand-picked mask to revitalize your skin is employed during the massage of your face, décolette, arms and hands. Your face is reconditioned, toned, moisturized and protected leaving the skin bright and renewed. (Minimal extractions.)

Skinterception (Men) – 50 mins - $109 - This high performance facial for men begins with steam, offers a deep cleansing treatment to intercept dirt and oil retained in your pores, and consists of an exfoliating scrub to slough off dead skin.  A cooling mask is applied to help you recover from razor burn, acne, irregular skin surfaces, or a brightening mask for uneven pigmentation.  Along with a facial massage, you can choose additional stress relief by having your shoulders, arms, hands, scalp, and/or beard massaged.  Your skin will be balanced, moisturized and protected as this defensive service will make your shave less painful and leave your skin smoother and energized. “It’s good.” (Minimal extractions.)

Skinsomnia – Back facial – 50 mins - $79 - This treatment designed specifically for your back includes steam, not just to open your pores, but to encapsulate you with the relaxing properties of Lavender.  As you drift away in slumber, your back will be double cleansed and resurfaced via manual exfoliation to release dead skin buildup.  Following your back massage, a warm mask will be applied then removed with warm towels, revealing healthy, new skin.  Lastly, your back is balanced and moisturized. You will awake, take that first stretch and immediately feel refreshed.  (Minimal extractions.) *Add hot stones for $10 *Add a full back wax for $30 OR *half back wax for $15.

Skinvigorate – 50 mins - $99 - This stimulating facial includes a massage with moderate pressure, a Hydrojelly mask specifically designed to first target dark spots and blemishes then shrink your pore size, and LED light therapy to attack bacteria that causes breakouts and inflammation. You will see and feel how much brighter and tighter your face is immediately.


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